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Dramatically Reduce Your Anxiety 7

Be Mindful.

Mindfulness is a wonderful, wonderful practice for the anxious and indeed everyone. Lots and

lots has been written about it which I will not replicate here. As this is a not a guide to

mindfulness Some people are scornful of it. Someone I once worked with exclaimed “It’s just

meditation!” So many problems with that statement – the condescending pejorative “just”,

the wilful misunderstanding of what Mindfulness is and can be. In fact as I think about it the

problem with what he said was how he said it – dismissive and patronising. As It does share

some key similarities with meditation. One of these is that it is a practice, something that you

do. Another is that you focus on the present, right now.

Here is a powerful exercise.

Ask yourself. “This second. Right now. Am I safe and OK?”

Most often the answer is an unqualified “YES!”

Your mind will want to wander to the future “But how about...?”

Your mind will often want to revisit and go over past events, what you said and what you did.

What you now think you should have done etc. etc. These ruminations are usually very

unhelpful and they form the building blocks and cornerstone of Anxiety. It is fine to let your

mind wander but come back to “This second, this instant, right now?”

Usually the answer is “Good.” “All is well.”

When you stick with the present and really focus on it you will start to discover the now is

pretty good. Being literally more present diminishes the Anxiety.

I would heartily recommend “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic

World” by Williams and Penman as an excellent to this practice.

Practical Steps

• Ask your self right now “Am I OK this instant?” Your answer will usually be “Yes.”

• Practice and develop Mindfulness.

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