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Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

The majority of my clients see me around a variety of anxiety issues. The therapy and hypnotherapy that I offer is very powerful in dealing with anxiety issues for a number of reasons. Firstly, the sessions provide you with a safe space to relax and focus your attention on what you want to achieve. Often this is very difficult in the modern world where we have a huge number of competing demands made on our time. Secondly the hypnotherapy itself provides a deep source of calm and allows your mind to relax and process exactly what it needs to to take your life forward. Thirdly, over the course of time the sessions work to establish more positive neural pathways and get you operating from the part of the brain which reduces anxiety (your left prefrontal cortex).

Swimming in Calm Sea

I continue to work with a wonderful client who has made massive progress through her anxiety issues. I started seeing her as she was finding it very difficult to leave the house and had barely left the house in the last month and only accompanied when she did. Her agoraphobia was limiting her life and that of her family. After a just three sessions clear improvements were being made. She had been able to leave the house even though there was still some anxiety. Each time she left the house she challenged herself and started to face down her anxiety. She listened to the audio file that I provided every night which provided further relaxation and reinforced the sessions we had. She continued to make strong progress and then one Friday night I received this text "I just wanted to send you a text to say that I went to the O2 last night and had very little anxiety and managed to enjoy myself and come away feeling very pleased with myself. Just wanted to say thank you as I don't think I could have done that a few months ago." How wonderful! Even better is the transformation in her way of thinking. She is more positive and more optimistic, as she says though "In a real way." She has since gone on holiday and booked another.

If you would like to reduce your anxiety please get in touch

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