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Dramatically Reduce Your Anxiety 3.

Chapter 2. Recognise your Anxiety.

This is a hugely important first step. It may well seem blindingly obvious and you can be

forgiven for thinking “Of course I recognise heart is hammering, I have sweaty palms

and I’m desperate to go to the loo” Yes, by this stage the Anxiety response is hijacking you.

It’s taken control. But rewind. Think about all those times where the Anxiety starts to build.

The key point here is the start. Going to a meeting? Getting ready for the meeting? Thinking

about the meeting the day or night before?

By recognise I mean you really need to understand what those feelings or sensations are. Are

they tension held in your shoulders? Faster heart beat? Cycles of thinking? Breathing

becoming more shallow? Whatever they are learn to recognise those patterns. As you learn

to recognise those patterns you become more consciously aware You are starting to gain

some element of control and are ready for the important next step.

Practical Steps

• Recognise your Anxiety beginning.

• Learn to recognise the set of physical feelings that come with it.

• Learn to recognise the set of thoughts that come with and surround your Anxiety.

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