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I have helped a number of clients have MRI scans who simply could not previously through hypnotherapy. A big part of that process was using this audio which allowed them to relax and reduce their anxiety to a point where they were able to have their scans without problem.


The fear around an MRI scan is a form of claustrophobia. It is important to reduce your overall levels of stress and anxiety as this will impact the level, in turn, of your claustrophobia.


Listen to the audio file once a day to start with.


The more times that you can listen to it before your appointment the better.


Ensure you are lying down. In bed is great (your body temperature can drop as you lay relatively still and relax so it can be nice to have a cover over you).


Get really comfortable and try to ensure you will not be disturbed.


Listen on headphones.


If you are really worried about your appointment please arrange an initial consultation (for which I do not charge) with me and we can explore how hypnotherapy can help you further.


Reduce MRI Scan Anxiety Hypnotic Audio.

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